Economic Development in Anderson, CA

Shasta County offers a wonderful platform for businesses and families to thrive. In western Shasta County, we have three (3) sister cities, all located in a proximity along a 40 miles stretch on the I-5 corridor. With Redding, the largest of the three sandwiched in between the City of Shasta Lake and the City of Anderson, these three cities are similar in many ways, but quite different in so many others.

The city of Anderson is about 10 miles south of Redding, and is considerably smaller – about a tenth as many people. For a long time Anderson’s primary industry was lumber, but recently service and retail jobs have boomed in a big way.

That simple description, though, misses some of the great potential for businesses coming to the area.

Economic opportunities in Anderson

First and foremost, as with all Shasta County areas, Anderson is a great place to live and raise a family! If you want to attract employees this is highly significant. Furthermore, this attraction is difficult to ignore for managers as well.

The easy commutes, the slower than urban pace of life, and the beautiful mountains and forests pull talented workers looking for something different than the crowded, expensive, and traffic burdened city life that are the only option in many of the other areas of California..

Anderson’s proximity to Redding – gives it the best of both worlds. Consumer and business markets are readily available, as is the more peaceful appeal of smaller town living.The cost of living in Anderson is quite low for California, even lower than its sister city, Redding.

Finally, there’s the large amount of support for companies, especially startups. This includes:


And, of course . . .

Consider Anderson

Anderson is an incredible place that is often less known than its larger sibling to the north. For businesses in other areas of California, relocation to Anderson is definitely an option worth considering. In California especially, Anderson represents something quite rare – a sane, beautiful town where living is affordable, life is fun, and opportunity abounds.

April 2017