Shasta County Education

Shasta County has a higher percentage of people with at least a high school diploma (88.5%) than California (80.7%) and the U.S. (85.6%). Shasta also outpaces the state and the nation in terms of portion of its population that has completed at least some college (61.3% in Shasta County compared with 59.7% in California and 57.5% in the U.S.).

Shasta Community College

The cornerstone of Shasta County education, Shasta Community College, is located just five minutes from downtown Redding. The 39-building campus is located on 337 acres serving the students as well as the community. A diverse array of occupational programs is offered at the college, two of the most significant are the Electronics Vocational Training Program and the Nursing Program. 12,000 students are enrolled.

Simpson University

Simpson University is one of America’s fastest growing accredited private universities. Programs are offered in psychology, business, missions, ministry, music, education and a wide variety of liberal arts. Simpson offers an innovative Degree Completion Program (evenings), and 13 outstanding graduate and educational credentialing programs, giving an enrollment of around 1,200 total students.

California State University, Chico

CSU, Chico is located just 75 minutes southeast of Redding. University extension classes are also offered in Redding for those not able to commute. Enrollment at the University is 16,900.

Institute of Technology

A California career-focused college. The Redding location offers courses in the medical field.

National University

National is a private university offering a range of four-year and graduate degrees in business and technology; education and human services; and arts and sciences. Classes are designed toward working adults.

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