Redding, CA – July 13, 2016 – Cloud Wise Academy, working in concert with the Shasta Economic Development Corporation, has been formed to close the tech talent gap in Shasta County, by providing fast-track tech training.

“There are companies in Shasta County unable to find employees with tech experience,” says Tony Giovaniello, president of the Shasta Economic Development Corporation. “And there are smart people with a good work ethic, such as returning vets, who would love to fill those jobs. But they need to be trained. That’s what Cloud Wise Academy is doing. It’s a win-win situation for our area.”

Cloud Wise Academy will be teaching the precise tech skills that are most needed by the county’s businesses. Students will be working on projects that employers are either hiring for or are outsourcing to the students to complete. The Academy’s first course launches this month, “Websites for Beginners,” on July 19, held at 4300 Caterpillar Road, Redding, California. The course teaches how to build a working website using the most in-demand tools: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each course is taught over a six-week period, two nights a week, three hours each night. The six-week course costs $275. The Cloud Wise Academy courses are designed to be practical and affordable for people holding down a job or taking care of family as they learn a new set of highdemand skills.

The Academy serves people of all ages and there is no prior programming or technology experience needed. All students need is a laptop and a basic understanding of how to use it. Companies can benefit from the Cloud Wise Academy courses in a number of ways. They can send their current employees and applicants to be trained; they can send projects to the Academy that the students can work on, under the direct supervision of the technical professional teaching the class; and they can evaluate applicants based on the work the applicants have performed during the course of the class. Companies can also have their own employees trained at their company facilities, an option available outside of the evening classes.

“The short-term goal is to give people a convenient and affordable way to learn the skills that are in demand, and to increase the number of qualified candidates in the job market,” says Giovaniello. “But a longer-term goal is to build this part of the economy in Shasta County, faster than we could any other way. As we equip local people with technical skills, not only will current companies be able to find and hire the talent they need, but we will also attract new companies and new work into the area. It’s a key factor in the development of Shasta County as a tech hub.”

The instructor of the Websites for Beginners course is Nathan Noble, a professional programmer with 20 years of experience as a programmer and many years as an onthe-job trainer. He is an unusual combination of geek and teacher. Nathan has a BA degree in Engineering Physics and a Masters in Physics. Registration for the course is now open, at ### Cloud Wise Academy was founded in 2016 to teach high-demand technology skills.

The Academy works closely with businesses in the area to make sure that the courses teach skills that companies are hiring for. A sister company to Cloud Wise Academy is 24-Hour Cloud Support, which helps company managers solve web, cloud, and ecommerce problems, on-demand.

Cloud Wise Academy

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