You may have heard about ‘pitch’ breakfasts that were started last autumn by the Shasta EDC. Another was held this morning. It’s time to explain a bit more about them as they are gaining momentum and we want to spread the word so others interested can get involved.

Pitch breakfasts give entrepreneurs, no matter what stage they are at in developing their idea, an avenue to tell a group of potential investors and other entrepreneurs about it.

Why ‘the pitch’ is important

Dan Morrow, President and CEO of Op-Test in Redding, CA, gave the ‘Mentor Minute’ today. He listed 5 key reasons it is good, as an entrepreneur, to pitch your idea.

  1. The ability to quickly and efficiently communicate ideas is fundamental to the existence of the entrepreneur.
  2. Preparation forces us to ask good questions about our own ideas.
  3. Pitching our idea can save a lot of heartache. As visionaries, not all ideas are great. A cold response isn’t always bad.
  4. Pitching helps build networks and is a low cost method for creating buzz
  5. Practice makes perfect

The Pitch Breakfast Format

Arrival time is at 7am, time to get some coffee, juice and pastries, and have a chance to chat with others. Then Hope Seth, from the Shasta EDC, welcomes everyone and explains the format.

It’s then time for the ‘Mentor Minute’. (see example above)

The entrepreneur has 10 minutes to succinctly share their idea, product or service. The use of powerpoint and video is well received.

Then there is 10 minutes given to Q&A from those in attendance. This is helpful to further delve into what the next step will be to move forward.

Who is invited to attend the pitch breakfasts?

If you have an entrepreneurial idea you’d like to pitch and get in front of others for the practice of it or potential investment, contact Hope at the Shasta EDC (530.224.4920).

Potential investors are invited to attend to learn about what is going on right here in Shasta County. There are some good opportunities presenting themselves for ideas. Please be sure to check our #MadeinShastaCounty series.

The Shasta EDC is seeing increased interest from the community and, as momentum builds, it is reasonable to believe there will be a monthly pitch breakfast at a standardized time. Stay tuned and we’d appreciate you sharing this with those you know who may be interested. Together we can do more.

We invite you to check out Shasta EDC on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Please show your virtual support by LIKING the page. Here you will be able to follow along as we shed light on more Shasta County companies and other economic development. Thank you.

February 2014