Considering becoming an Investor? Please read our goals for this region and consider becoming an Investor. We need you!

EDC Vision Statement for Shasta County

To build shared prosperity in Shasta County that supports a Globally-Connected, Innovative Region that attracts and expands both economic and employment opportunities.

Mission Statement

The EDC of Shasta County is a 501C3 Public Benefit Corporation focused on growing, diversifying and maintaining a balanced economy, leading to more economic stability and sustainability for our region.

Area of Responsibility and Focus

Our Business Plan and daily operations are built around focusing on the following areas to create economic growth for our region:

Economic Development

  • Company Recruitment to the region
  • Company Expansion and Retention within the region
  • Entrepreneurial Development within the region

Competitive Vitality

  • Capital Resources available for growth
  • Workforce Development for an advancing manufacturing industry
  • Regulatory Assistance to industry
  • Business and Tax Incentives for attracting industry to the region
  • Technology infrastructure to support a modern economy in our region

Special Projects

  • Air service, land development, and more.

Investor Relations

      • Coordinate annual investor report and meeting
      • Provide quarterly electronic newsletters
      • Provide personal presentations to Investors and staff as requested
      • ‘Brown Bag’ round table lunches held at the EDC for investors to drop in and discuss topics of importance to the region.
      • Utilize Investors in recruiting and retention activities
      • Provide access to EDC research where appropriate

EDC Update Presentation Link – 8 minute EDC Update

Business Plan

Financial and Job Creation Goals (ten year plan)

Ten-Year Target

  • Double our sector output from $.8B to $1.6B
  • Need to create 277 primary industry jobs per year (Using output/job as measurement).

Annualized Objective

  • 230 jobs per year average for the first five years.
  • 320 jobs per year average over the second five years.


  • This will result in an additional $787M in output to our economy.
  • In addition $27M in indirect tax revenues will be generated.

Who are our Investors?

The Shasta EDC is a true Public/Private Economic Development Enterprise supported by three Public Entities:

Shasta County

City of Redding

City of Shasta Lake

In addition we have over 40 Private Investors. Investor Directory

Our private Investors who are made up of both individuals and companies, make up almost half of our annual budget and recognize that our focus and the work we do would not happen without the Shasta EDC.

We invite you to Contact us to explore how you can contribute to Economic Development in the ‘Shasta’ region.