Redding, CA, Sept. 2016 – Adjoy, Inc., a tech start-up focused on changing the way advertising works in mobile games, recently announced they have kicked off their seed financing of $750,000 with an investment from local investment group Shasta Angels. The fundraising round potentially values the company at $5 million, although because Adjoy is in an early stage of development, investors have chosen to delay a firm valuation until a later, more robust investment in the company can be made.

Led by a team of ambitious entrepreneurs, Adjoy has set its sights on a lofty goal – removing banner ads from mobile games entirely. Instead of banners, Adjoy wants to see a world of in-game advertising, where game objects become collectable, real world coupons.

Based in Redding, Adjoy currently operates out of the Shasta Venture Hub. An incubator for emerging start-ups in the Redding area, the Hub is excited to have Adjoy as one of their resident companies. “They are taking advertising that was once bothersome, and turning it into something that is engaging and beneficial,” says Hope Seth, who is the Marketing and Entrepreneurial Development Director of the Venture Hub.

Currently, Adjoy is in the production phase of building a suite of developer tools which will allow any Unity 3D developer to select in-game objects to become Adjoy enabled. Doing so will be a huge benefit to indie and mid-range game studios, who put up with banner ads as a way to pay their bills. Adjoy offers a competitive monetization platform that promises to enhance gameplay, instead of detract from it, as banner ads often do.

Adjoy is aggressively pursuing a market release of their minimal viable product, which they hope to see active in the Sacramento Area by the end of September (2016). The private beta will give Adjoy real world traction and help them hone in on user behavior, as well as collect key metrics they will need as they integrate their software with much larger development firms.


Adjoy, Inc.

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