Due to its abundant natural resources and raw materials, low business costs, and proximity to markets on the West Coast, the Shasta Region has become an immensely popular location for manufacturing and industrial applications. And since this area offers infrastructure with locally-owned electrical capacity, advanced water and wastewater capabilities, and a highly-trained labor force, it’s no wonder that countless businesses search for available building sites in Shasta County on a regular basis.

The Shasta Region is well-known for its beauty, diversity, recreation, prosperity, and overall quality of life. Ours is the second-sunniest city in the entire nation and is located in an area with one of the lowest costs of living in the western U.S., making it an attractive place for many families to call home. But it’s also a fantastic place to start a business. Given the pro-manufacturing stance of local government and the region’s emphasis on environmental quality, Shasta is the perfect blend of small-town feel and big-city amenities.

That’s why so many growing industries have made Shasta County their home base. Companies specializing in machining and fabrication, heavy industry, recreational manufacturing, technology, and small aviation (among others) have flocked to Shasta to benefit from the region’s fast delivery options, electrical discounts, waivers and incentives, and labor training assistance. And, of course, the amount of available building sites in Shasta County makes this all possible.

Whether you need a commercial business park spanning over 100 acres or are looking for an industrial lot only three acres in size, this region has numerous shovel-ready sites that will fit your criteria. In addition, there are many industrial or commercial buildings available for lease or purchase. You can even utilize our site search feature to peruse our entire database of locations to determine which ones will best suit your business.

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