Beer and Bytes was held at Op-Test’s new facility on Wednesday, May 29th. These events are an opportunity for those involved with technology and start-up pursuits to get acquainted with each other. Ideas are being formulated how it will work
best. The goal is to develop synergy amongst people / companies in these arenas.

There was a very optimistic tenor at this event. Those who attended got to see firsthand the new facility Op-Test moved to. It was necessary for them to move
as business if growing! As Dan Morrow told the group, “For those who say it can’t be done, well, we’re doing it.” Op-Test is bringing business here from such countries as China. Yes, China is outsourcing to Op-Test for its consistency and
reliability which is often hard to find around the globe.

Two new companies were introduced at the mixer. Fall River Brewing Company was there to share its beer with another audience. They are already on tap
in area restaurants so be watching for them and give them a try. The other company introduced was the start-up –  Suture Ease – developing a viable way to
suture the fascia during laparoscopic surgeries. Click the Suture Ease link to see a video that will explain more.

There are good things happening – so many more than meet the eye. If you are in the tech or startup sectors and interested in learning about future Beer and Bytes events, please let Shasta EDC know.