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Shasta EDC Update September 18th

Todd Jones: Alright, so as of Saturday, flights went live for Redding to LAX direct starting March 9th of 2019, so just about six months away or so. And it’s pretty exciting. United’s been in Redding for several years flying to SFO, four times a day. But our business community, and our tourism – really everybody – has wanted this direct flight back to LA that we lost in 2011, because we think it’s going to be a big economic driver, and we’re really excited to have it back.

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Project Hometown Works and is Ready to Roll

Since 2017, businesses and organizations across Shasta County have been in collaboration on an effort to supercharge the area’s economy – Project Hometown. Right now, we at the Shasta EDC are witnessing first clear evidence that Project Hometown can deliver on its ambitious promises for the community, as trained students sell their first websites to county businesses.

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