How Redding Is Building Its Workforce

Shasta County boasts a workforce full of educated and highly skilled workers. The workforce in Redding did not just appear out of thin air at this level but was cultivated by the concentrated work of Shasta EDC.

Shasta EDC has been helping to provide high-quality employment opportunities in Redding CA for over 60 years. We recognize that a region’s economy becomes stable and sustainable when the labor force sees healthy growth and diversification. The key to building a strong local labor pool is focusing on and valuing education.

How Shasta EDC Is Building The Workforce In Redding

The success of a community’s workforce is two-fold. Employers need access to talent that will move their business forward, and prospective employees need opportunities to use their education and skills. Shasta EDC is using these methods to foster this mutualistic relationship:

  • Engaging with local employers
    Shasta EDC consults employers throughout the area to discover what they are looking for from the workforce in Redding. This allows us to align these needs from employers with the local talent to address these workforce needs.
  • Working on policies that match demand for talent with education programs
    We serve as a link between college leaders and workforce boards, helping them to align their needs. Our SMART Business Resource Center helps job seekers find positions and enables employers to meet training needs once new employees are on board.
  • Connecting education and workforce issues
    The staff of Shasta EDC wakes up every day thinking about how to develop talent in the Redding’s community and how employers can attract the talent they need. Our number one concern is keeping residents employed while seeing continuous business growth.
  • Encouraging adoption of programs that support this connection
    The Center for Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) at Shasta EDC provides courses and programs for individuals and businesses to engage in career programs and training. Our organization is community-based, allowing us to see first-hand the need for EWD programs to provide meaningful experiences for those who have faced significant disadvantages.
  • Promoting analyses of students’ return on investment from education
    When someone pursues education, they want to know that they will see the benefits of their time and money. Shasta EDC offers current data on the workforce in Redding, allowing interested parties to see potential benefits before enrolling in our programs.

If you want to become a part of Shasta’s efforts in building the workforce in Redding CA,  fill out our easy online form or call us at 888-618-0887.