Even when an area has an impressive employment rate, it can be difficult to get those employees engaged in their jobs. While the employment in Shasta County grew by 2.33% between 2015 and 2016, and that growth is no small accomplishment, the actual engagement of employees at their jobs is harder to measure. Worldwide research has estimated that just 13% of employees are engaged while at work, with 33% of United States residents feel engaged at work. Learn these strategies, and you can better engage your employees and promote entrepreneurial development at the same time.

Focus On Employee Development

Of course, all employees applied and interviewed for a job so that they could earn a living, but many of them also view a new job as an opportunity for career development. According to a Gallup poll, 87% of millennials and 69% of non-millennials see development as important in their jobs. To prevent roles in your company from becoming monotonous and thereby disengaging employees in those roles, give them extra responsibilities.

Utilize Shasta County business resources to learn how you can shake up the structure of your company and give your employees a change in their day-to-day duties. Present employees with opportunities for micro-promotions and job growth, give them concrete paths to achieve those promotions, and you’ll their engagement increase as they transform into educated and skilled workers who are proud of the company’s work as a whole.

Eliminate Barriers To Participation

When you were starting a business, you may have set certain policies or practices in place to ensure that the company was productive and profitable enough to get off of the ground. However, these structures may have turned into business assumptions and could be stunting the entrepreneurial development of your employees.

If there are certain policies that keep employees working in one place or on a certain number of the same tasks each week, try removing or reducing those policies. By giving employees more flexibility and freedom, you’ll give them the energy to develop interest in the practices and innovations of the business as a whole.

Collaborate On Goals At Every Level

Creating concrete and achievable goals is a great way for growing industries to find success, but you’ll need every employee to have a hand in creating those goals if you want them fully engaged. If these goals are created without the input of a majority of your company’s workforce, they won’t have any stake in the goal and therefore won’t feel any emotional connection to it.

To assist the entrepreneurial development of your employees and encourage individual innovation, have each staff member create their own achievable goal. If your company is made of teams or departments, have each unit create its own goal with full participation from the team. For company-wide goals, make sure to hold all-hands meetings that give everyone the opportunity to speak.

If you’re looking for further assistance in promoting employee engagement, use Shasta County business resources for more effective strategies and tools.