How To Plan And Organize An Office Or Business Move

Opportunities for the growth of a business come in different forms. One major chance for a business to grow is to move the physical location of the business or its main office location.

When you choose to move your business to Redding CA, you can take advantage of the resources provided by Shasta EDC and become connected to our community of growing industries. We offer these economic benefits to all who need them, but first, you will need to follow these tips for a simple and successful business move.

Planning To Move Your Business To Redding

The first hurdle is the planning stage. Make sure to do the following while you and your team are still in the planning stage:

  • Write up a realistic timeline that allows for all of the necessary stages of the move.
  • Get a blueprint or floor layout of your new space and current space so that you can determine how to set up the new office space before you get there.
  • Hold a meeting with all team members to review the draft of the timeline and new floor plan. Make a list of potential problems in the new space.

Organizing Your Move To Redding

If you have a larger business, you can appoint department heads to coordinate their specific part of the move. In a smaller business, ask for trustworthy team members to help you get it all done. Once you have your move coordinators in place, following these steps:

  • Set your budget. With your department heads, determine what you need in packing supplies and what services you will need from movers.
  • Have regular meetings. Communication is extremely important when you move your business to Redding, and holding company-wide meetings is the best way to disperse information.
  • Assign Tasks. Delegating responsibilities among your moving team is a primary benefit of having them.
  • Make A Contact List. Give one person the job of contacting everyone you do business with to let them know when and where the move is taking place.

Moving a business is a daunting task, but it can generate innumerable benefits for your business. Follow these tips and your move is sure to be simple.

If you want to move your business to Redding CA, take advantage of our many resources by filling out our easy online form or calling us at 888-618-0887.