IASCO Flight Training (IFT) is pleased to announce that they will partner with SkyWest Airlines on a new Pilot Bridge Program. The program gives students earning a professional pilot degree additional opportunity toward becoming a SkyWest
Airlines first officer.

Upon completion of this new program, IFT students/employees will be better prepared to enter the commercial airline industry and will be offered unique career opportunities at SkyWest Airlines. IFT candidates who fit the SkyWest program requirements
will receive benefits such as a retained Date of Hire (DOH), special projects, job fairs, recruitment events and individual mentoring by SkyWest captains.

Students in the Pilot Bridge Program must maintain a minimum grade point average, complete advanced jet training courses and attain the FAA ratings of Commercial Pilot/Instrument and Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument.

IASCO Flight Training maintains its goal as a career builder for our customers and employees. This agreement and the accreditation path with IFT enables goal-oriented individuals the opportunity to secure an exceptional career as a professional
pilot at the industry-leading SkyWest Airlines.

Individuals who are interested in the IFT’s SkyWest Bridge Program should address the Career Development Department at inquiries@iascousa.com.

June 2013