FileLife is a technology startup based in Shasta County which is making great strides in the world of online security. It has established a sophisticated encryption process which provides a way for the originator (sender) to maintain control of their files shared online. In this day and age knowing delicate information can quite easily get into the wrong hands, it has become increasingly important for the sender to have a way to control who the information is shared with.

From iKeepSafe blog: ‘FileLife is a technology which allows its users to have control of their files, even when they are no longer in their possession. With FileLife, you can protect photos, documents, and media on both a local computer and on the web. A percentage of FileLife’s revenue goes directly to iKeepSafe in an effort to help families BEaPRO online.’

Founder and CEO of FileLife

Randall Stephens is the founder and CEO of FileLife. The idea for the technology struck him squarely in the face when he was applying for a mortgage online a few years ago. For anyone who has shared sensitive information online in one form or another (who hasn’t, right?), there is tremendous vulnerability once you hit send. Think about when your computer auto fills a name – the wrong name – and you don’t catch it until after you’ve sent that email! Stephens, at that time, knew there needed to be a mechanism enabling monitoring and control of information we share on line. He went to work creating that product which is today known as FileLife.

FileLife YouTube Video – Easy Explanation

This brief FileLife YouTube video gives an easy and quick visual of how it works. Simply put, FileLife keeps you in control no matter where on the planet your files have gone or who they’ve gone to.
FileLife Focus is on 3 Main Industries

Legal Services
Financial Services

The need to encrypt files is expanding globally and stands to be a multi-billion dollar business. As shared on their website, ‘through the encryption process, FileLife’s protection embeds itself into the file and continually resides with the file wherever it goes. This means that from point-to-point your file is always secure until you allow it to be ‘unlocked’.

FileLife in the News

FileLife received first place in the Web / IT category at the Innovate Northstate Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge in June. If you were at Shasta EDC’s GameChangers 2013 in October, you will have had a chance to meet Randall Stephens at his booth and being recognized as one of Shasta County’s start-ups to pay attention to.

Stephens is also looking forward to the 29th Annual Innovation Awards being held in Chico on December 3rd. FileLife has been nominated for Start-up of the Year.

If you’d like to learn more, Randall Stephens is available to talk with you about your company and how FileLife’s encryption technology can keep your files safe. Contact Stephens via the FileLife website.

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December 2013