The research and development for NeuChroma Vision has been in the works for many years. The company, based in Shasta County, makes neurochromatic corrective eyewear lenses which have been successful helping people with reading-learning difficulties, migraines, depression, traumatic brain injuries, and seizures. They address each individual’s unique retinal functioning or visual performance. By changing the energy of light, NeuChroma Vision’s lenses change brain functioning.


Getting evaluated for NeuChroma Vision Lenses

It is necessary to have a current eye exam to know whether corrective lenses are needed. You can go to your regular eye doctor for this exam. If your regular eye doctor has not been certified in NeuChroma Vision lenses, you would need to seek out one who is.

Here you see Dr. Rick Martin, in Shasta Lake City, working with a patient who has had a several year history of migraines who is hopeful the neurochromatic lenses will help her. Dr. Martin did an underlying exam first and found what her routine eyewear correction should be. It was mild. Then he tested her eyes for what neuro-visual correction would best suit her needs.

Several combinations of trial lenses were put together while she had the corrective headgear on. What came together for her was a darker lens. Another person could well end up with a lightly colored-type lens. There are millions of combinations and it’s only through trying them that the right one can be determined and prescribed for each individual.

If you were at EDC’s GameChanger 2013 Luncheon in September, you will have heard NeuChroma Vision’s founding inventor, Brad Chase, talk about the many inroads they have made helping people who suffer from seizures and migraines. At the same time, you will have heard Burt Meyer, a well known Redding businessman, talk about how the lenses have helped him and his sons finally read the way they should be reading. The lenses have effectively made the words “still” on the page. Without the lenses, words swirled, blurred, or disappeared.

Words Swirling on a Page

Words swirling on the page were the same challenge Brad Chase had until he was 44 y.o. when, after doing much of his own research, he started wearing a specially prescribed neurochromatic lens that stopped the annoying movement. Up until then, he often bluffed his way disregarding reading as he made sure he learned by other means. He graduated high school without being able to read adequately due to this very problem.

Out of Brad’s personal experience and frustration with the inability to read properly, he was motivated to understand why and find a solution for himself and others who suffered the same. Appreciating the effect of light on human beings, he realized reading problems, migraines and seizures are all tied to wavelength photosensitivity. For instance, if strobe lights can cause seizures or bright lights migraines, couldn’t controlled light subdue them? Why not in eye wear?

NCV Rx’s Patents and Impact

Today, NeuChroma Vision (NCV-Rx) has patents, others pending and believe fully that their product will become mainstream – part of routine eye exams – as we go forward. This will require eye doctors and neurologists to become very familiar with their products. Their thought is they will be helping many in society – from people young and old struggling with reading or with visual losses, to those experiencing seizures and migraines.

This past October, KRCR-TV interviewed NeuChroma Vision and compiled an excellent video covering more about this phenomena.

If you know of anyone who would like to be tested in the Shasta County area, contact Dr. Rick Martin or Dr. Teresa Asato. Additional information is available at: NeuChroma Vision is FDA certified and licensed.

NeuChroma Vision has been promised millions of dollars, some from the world’s most prominent neurologist and ophthalmologists, in business partnerships, which makes it possible to have much of the manufacturing and jobs either created or staying in Shasta County.

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January 2014