is an award-winning healthcare & human services education company, offering accredited web and video-based educational courses for Registered Nurses and allied health professionals across the United States and beyond.

CLICKPLAYceu Founder – Don Kropp | A Little Background

Donn Kropp, a Shasta County resident since 2003, is the founder of CLICKPLAY Continuing Education University ( He has over 13 years experience as an RN in various aspects of healthcare including ER and trauma units.

Having grown up overseas, Donn is no stranger to global travel. Kropp jumped into providing medical care onsite after major earthquakes in Japan, India and Haiti. This added a valuable dimension to his work as an RN / healthcare provider.

Compassion Fatigue | Impetus for

The desire to care for the sick and injured is what attracted Kropp to earning his RN initially. After years working in emergency rooms plus working with the earthquake healthcare strike teams, he realized he had a solid case of compassion fatigue which revealed itself in the form of back pain and sciatica. He knew, if he was to get beyond this, he had to make a change in his work.

It was a tough decision but he left the ER and eventually started working with the disabled whose caregivers may be family members or nurses’ aids. Kropp saw a need for and wrote individualized care plans for these disabled clients with sights on making sure care was given at a high level consistently.

A seed had been planted for without Kropp even realizing it. Online videos became the obvious next step to help caregivers on a broader scale get up to or stay up to speed on a plethora of topics.

Evolution of

If you work in the healthcare field requiring CEU’s for your credentials / licensing, take a moment to view any of the modules on the CLICKPLAYceu website. There is no fee to simply watch the modules.

If you would like to earn CEU’s from the CLICKPLAYceu course, a fee will be charged at that time. When you pass the test, you will receive your certificate via email for the course and they will also keep the information for you in their records.

The healthcare modules are refreshing, pertinent and easy to watch as care has been taken to keep them interesting and fun. The video library will be added to regularly.

Note: If you see an area in caregiver education that is lacking, contact CLICKPLAYceu. If it’s not already in the works, perhaps it can be!

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April 2014