There are some creative and imaginative young people who depart Shasta County to get their education and thankfully find their way back because they appreciate the lifestyle offered here. Ryan Russell is one such example. With a love of design, he became an architect and has also gotten into the world of 3D printing launching his VisionLab in 2014. Here is a little about his story.

Russell’s Education

Ryan Russell’s roots are in Shasta County. A 2003 graduate of Central Valley High School in Shasta Lake, CA, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo followed by a master’s degree in architecture at UCLA.

Russell’s World: Architectural and 3D Design

Russell returned to Shasta County where he accepted a position with the well known architectural firm Nichols, Melburg and Rossetto. Although he is passionate about both product & architectural design, one of the many things that drew him to study architecture specifically is its sense of timelessness. He realized how long buildings typically last compared to so many other product designs that are often more fleeting. He appreciates that architecture can impact a community / area for many years, if not centuries.

3D printing is another aspect of his design work. He doesn’t separate it from his architectural design but sees it as enhancing his overall design capabilities – creating an opportunity to blur the boundary between product design and architecture. It captivated him enough to invest in a high-end professional 3D printer. With this tool, he is able to print high quality architectural models and product concept prototypes to further his own designs or a client’s specific vision.

From Russell’s website: “We all have creative ideas. We just don’t have the means necessary to realize them. The mission of VisionLab is to stimulate & facilitate design innovation & invention by utilizing 3D printing technology. Through a process of design, digital modeling & prototyping, we help bridge the gap between a client’s creative vision and a tangible, manufactured product. Whether you are a designer, artist, inventor, hobbyist, student, teacher or businessperson – VisionLab can help you bring your ideas to life.”

The photo above depicts a bracelet Russell made using his 3D printer to show the capability and precision of his printer. Whether it’s a case design for a new type of ion battery, a board game piece (think of those used in Monopoly or chess), or a motorcycle part, Russell is excited about the infinite possibilities 3D printing opens up to the general public.

Ryan Russell invites anyone who needs help in getting a creative idea to the next level. If a design is needed, contact him. His love of design and his ability to print 3D models may be just the thing an idea needs to become tangible and jumpstart an invention.

Going forward, Ryan Russell is keen to grow in the worlds of architecture, product design and 3D printing. He is also interested in being a community resource for 3D printing – for the general public and schools including colleges. Russell is representative of the young educated individuals coming back (or moving to) Shasta County, happy to share their expertise and knowledge in some new and exciting areas which are helping to take our community forward.

Ryan Russell contact information: (530) 209-2743

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June 2014