Sizzle’s Kitchen recently opened its doors to the public this March in Redding, California, exciting the city with new tastes (and, of course, new jobs). The new establishment is a welcome addition to the location that once harbored The Savory Spoon and Leatherby’s Family Creamery. Instead of the casual eatery, however, Sizzle’s hopes to bring you culinary creativity in a new way.

How is Sizzle’s Kitchen Different?

This commercial kitchen space can be rented by the public in order to host events or parties that require a lot of food. The two kitchens — the baker’s kitchen and the full caterer’s kitchen — are attached to the event space, making this location a great place to serve your own food at your event.

The owner, Karen Christensen, hopes the kitchen space and event area can be used for a variety of different activities, including cooking classes, wine tastings, reunions and more. Any event that requires the use of a commercial kitchen is welcome, but you can also simply rent the event space for a night full of fun.

“That’s what I’m hoping people will do. That they’ll start to use their imagination and say I could do this and I could do that or maybe I have had a dream all along and now there is a place to build that dream,” she said to KRCR.

Sizzler’s consists of ample cooking space for larger events. It comes with a dishwasher, storage room, and even a walk-in refrigerator for the renter’s use.

“We have a big range with an induction over we have a grill we have a fryer we’ve got everything that you need and miles of stainless steel counter space it’s just luxurious space for people to work there,” explained Christensen.

You can rent their kitchens on their website for between $20 and $25 per hour.

Why Relocate Your Business to Redding, CA?

Sizzle’s Kitchen offers a creative twist on what some owners are now calling, “maker alley,” thanks to the nearby sewing business that operates with a similar business model. These entrepreneurs are proving that Shasta County and Redding, CA are open for business, with exciting opportunities for business owners looking to relocate.

If you’re looking to relocate your business to Redding, CA, there are a number of incentives available. To find out more about our skilled workforce, great infrastructure, and local support for entrepreneurs, click here to read more about relocation incentives.