June 11, 2019
Economic Development Corporation of Shasta County
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Economic Growth & Potential and Much More

Redding, CA: Today, the Shasta EDC is excited to announce that the Redding Area ranks as the 29th most dynamic metropolitan area in the country. The study titled “Most Dynamic Metropolitans” looked at 379 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (commonly referred to as MSAs). The study was published by a collaboration between the Walton Family Foundation and Heartland Forward (WFF). The Redding MSA includes the Cities surrounding the City of Redding from Lake Shasta down to the southern county border. The largest population densities are in the Cities of Redding, Shasta Lake, and Anderson.

The study puts the Redding MSA in the top 8% of all the communities evaluated. The study focuses on the best practices deployed in these MSAs that have and will likely continue to boost economies in these areas. It further hopes to show-case the approaches of these striving MSAs to help other MSAs to a path of growth.

The study looks at factors that include: innovation, economic opportunity for residents, local economic development strategies, job growth, average annual earnings growth, and area GDP gains.

For the Redding MSA specifically, we finished near the top in the wage growth category and we were ranked 16 in GDP growth. Our startup community and the jobs created by entrepreneurs was also a key factor in our ranking.

Links to the studies are as follows:

Full – “Most Dynamic Metropolitan” Study

Executive Summary – “Most Dynamic Metropolitan”

Pages Specific to the Redding MSA

Julie Winter, City of Redding’s Mayor, said, “The WFF study quantifies the sentiments and anecdotal evidence that is apparent to many who live and work in our great city. With over $300 million of investment in various stages of development, the economic momentum can be felt throughout the region. The WFF study confirms that this momentum is more than a feeling. Our local GDP is growing faster than 97% of the metros in the US. Our businesses are adding jobs and investing in growth opportunities. It is a great time to be in Redding and to be a part of its extraordinary economic growth.”

John N. Duckett, Jr., City Manager, City of Shasta Lake, added, “It is not surprising that our area ranks well nationally. For those of us living and working here, we have been experiencing rapid growth and see the many new companies emerging in our area. The citizens of City of Shasta Lake are pleased to have been able to contribute to the area’s success and to be included in this recognition.”

Tony Giovaniello, Shasta EDC President, commented, “In addition to the Cities of Redding and Shasta Lake, the City of Anderson is also a key contributor to our growth. These three “sister” cities lie along a twenty (20) mile corridor along Interstate 5. The City of Redding has the largest population of approximately 90,000. It also is home to the county seat. However, the growth of this MSAs economy is tied to the performance in all three of these cities. “All of our citizens in our MSA should be very proud of their accomplishments, our growing economy, and all of the special efforts, by many organizations and companies that are creating measurable and recognized comparative value in our community. According to this study, we are viewed as one of the MSAs that others can learn from!”

This is not the only recognition our community has received over the last year or so. Others include, as paraphrased by Giovaniello:

In 2017, it was announced that Redding was deemed one of California’s fourteen (14) Cultural Districts in a statewide creativity program.

Expedia 2018 – “Redding is the # 2 “Staycation” place in the country. “If you live there, why would you go on vacation!”

Go Fund Me – “The Redding area is the third most giving place per capita in the country on Go Fund Me.”

Matador Network describes Redding as “California’s last great undiscovered outdoors destination.”

Matador Article

We are an Outdoor Haven – The Epoch Times

Outdoor Haven Article

In an upcoming issue of “Business Facilities Magazine,” the Redding MSA will be recognized as the 7th highest MSA in JOB GROWTH and the 8th highest in ECONOMIC GROWTH POTENTIAL.

Giovaniello went on to say, “We are being recognized for where we live, who we are, and we are getting accolades for our accomplishments and our character! It is time for us to truly think well of ourselves and tell the world that we are a welcoming place with many opportunities for those who work hard and are creative. We are changing the way the world thinks of us. Let’s start changing the way we think of ourselves. We have a lot to offer and should be proud of how far we have come. Tell a friend, tell the world. We are a special place with special people!”


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