Project Hometown has kicked-off, and it is off to a great start. To date, Cloud Wise Academy has completed two classes teaching local high school students how to develop WordPress websites. Once the students are proficient at these skills, they will be partnered with a local technology company and assigned a local business to create a WordPress website for. The local company then has an affordable, expandable website they can use to grow their business from.

The program is in its initial phase of running through the process to ensure success, and so far it is running great. Below, Jake, a Cloudwise Academy teacher, is interviewing Michael Baucum the first student to officially run through the program.

Jake: Hello, I am Jake Hinton here with Michael Baucum. Michael is one of our first Project Hometown students. He is the first student to go through the class and to be officially assigned a website and is working with a technology company. How did you hear about Project Hometown for starters?

Michael: I Heard about Project Hometown through my robotics class. Mr. Grigsby at Shasta High School often told us about amazing opportunities around us like Project Hometown. When I heard that it was about creating websites, that attracted me to it because that is something I am pretty fond of doing.

Jake: In the broadest sense, what is your part in Project Hometown?

Michael: Through Project Hometown, I am designing the websites themselves for the businesses in Shasta County.

Jake: What business have you been assigned to?

Michael: The first business that I have been assigned to is Premier Brand Meats.

Jake: I know Premier Brand Meats well because I buy their chicken from the grocery store. What is your progress in building the site?

Michael: It is complete, and at this point, the site is looking really good. We are just trying to get pictures of their products for the site.

Jake: So not only are you learning how to build a website, but you are also learning the process of helping a client along this road.

Michael: Making their products look good on the site and possibly securing sales is another part of it.

Jake: You are now a paid intern, working with our tech company Cloud Potential. Do you feel like this is something you could do long term and are you having fun as well?

Michael: Absolutely.

Jake: Do you think that Premier Brand Meats is going to like the site you have built for them?

Michael: I think they will like it.

Jake: I have seen the before and after, and I agree. This will be a great improvement.

Michael: It is a big improvement. I would say it looks stunning and it is at a reasonable price.

Jake: Do you have anything to say to the high school students who are considering taking part in the Project Hometown class?

Michael: I would say that it is pretty awesome. It is a lot of fun to work on these sites, and it is better than their jobs now. I have told a bunch of people, mostly computer science kids, and they are disappointed that they didn’t take the class.

Jake: That brings up a good point. It is clear that kids who are into computer science and technology are interested in this class, but do you think kids who aren’t would still enjoy the course and could learn easily? Do you need to be a math genius to take the class?

Michael: I think they would. There is not a lot of programming going on, and we don’t learn anything too intense. We are all surrounded by websites, so you don’t need to be a computer science whiz to learn how to create a website or enjoy building one.

Jake: I have seen you go through the class and have seen the work you are doing. We are thrilled that you are going through this with Project Hometown and we are excited to have dozens and dozens of more students experiencing the course. Thank you for being apart of it, and we think this will be a great thing.