One important measure of a region’s economic success and growth is an evaluation of its top employers. Those looking for fresh work opportunities or those looking to relocate their business need to understand what lies ahead in a new region. By reviewing an area’s top employers, individuals can better understand what industries and sectors are well represented in an area.

What’s more, top employers can indicate whether or not a region is thriving. Without a diverse array of employers and a varied mix of types of employees, a region may not be economically stable. For example, if 20% of a town’s workforce is employed at the same place, if that company moves away or goes out of business, the whole town will quickly face economic hardship.

In Shasta county, many different industries have a hearty representation and share of the workforce. Here are six sectors that employ large numbers of people in Shasta county:

Local Government

The Shasta county government and the city of Redding are both major employers in this region. In fact, Shasta county government is the top employer, with 1,886 workers. The city of Redding employs about 1,000 additional workers. This sector is responsible for drafting local legislation and managing county operations, and it continues to bring new opportunities for those interested in public service

The Medical Field

Shasta county is home to many hospitals and medical centers. Mercy Medical center is the next top employer, with about 1,805 employees in its workforce. As such, Shasta County is a great place for aspiring nurses, doctors, dentists, and other medical specialists looking for work or a place to start their own practice.


Thanks to a junior college, about 675 individuals find their livelihood in the education sector in Shasta county.


Blue Shield of California employs over 500 people in medical insurance processing, and several other bank branches each employ about 100 individuals, bringing economic development to the region.

Transportation and Manufacturing

Shasta county also boasts a large skilled labor force. Lumber mills, fiberglass insulation production, surveying equipment, and other growing industries in the manufacturing field employ well over 1,000 residents. Trucking also plays a large role in the area; Redding Lumber Transportation alone employs between 100 and 249 individuals.

Other Industries

Many other small and large uncategorized employers round out the employment opportunities in Shasta County. For example, WalMart is one of the region’s top employers with over 500 workers. According to Forbes, the presence of these kinds of retailers indicate regional success– after all, a big box store wouldn’t use resources to build premises in an area that had little demand!

From 2015 to 2016, employment in Shasta County grew 2.33%. Jobs in management and administration, food, healthcare service, construction, transportation, production, and sales are all quite common. As 2019 begins, Shasta County is still teeming with work and investment opportunities. With so many different industries represented and a mix of large and small employers, Shasta county will only continue to thrive.