By David Benda, Record Searchlight, April 2013

After several years at its Twin View Boulevard headquarters, Redding manufacturer Op-Test is on the move.

But if demand for Op-Test products continues like owner Dan Morrow believes it will, the firm won’t be at its new location for long.

Op-Test will double its space when it moves to Redwood Boulevard in the Mountain Lakes Industrial Park next month. Morrow hopes to nearly double his workforce to 30 employees over the next two years.

“We think if our business plan holds true, we will be there maybe three to five years and then we will need to double (space) again,” Morrow said.

Morrow founded Op-Test in 2000. The company makes products for overseas clients, building electronic assemblies for people who make semiconductors and designing the equipment that tests LED lighting systems.

The move toward reverse outsourcing has helped Op-Test.

“I think we are part of that whole movement, so there is an incredible amount of technical work coming back to the United States,” Morrow said.

Climbing energy prices, a talented workforce, its California location on the Interstate 5 corridor, a stable government and currency are among the selling points to his clients, Morrow said.

“All that makes us look pretty attractive to people around the globe,” Morrow said.

Op-Test’s new plant was home to VisionCare Devices Inc. for 22 years before it moved to Anderson late last year.

VisionCare, which manufactures eye surgical equipment for clients around the world, moved to a bigger building on Bellevue Lane near the OxYoke Industrial Park that was vacated in 2009 when Millipore Corp. moved its operation to Danvers, Mass.

Millipore in Anderson made products for biopharmaceutical companies. The plant had 52 full-time employees.

“It was already set up as medical device manufacturing facility, so we were pretty much able to move right in,” VisionCare co-owner Susan Cook said.

VisionCare has 19 employees.