If you are looking into living in Northern California, be prepared to immerse yourself in a city where the economy is thriving, the townspeople are friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities for small business advancement. Redding, California in Shasta County is the place to be!

economic developmentRight now, Shasta County, and in particular, Redding, is poised for great economic development. Located right in the middle of the county, the city is known for its walkability and easy access due to its small population of just over 90,000.

Simply put, Redding is the center of trade and commerce for Shasta county, which is in the northern part of the state. Accessibility couldn’t be easier due to its location on Interstate 5 which runs throughout the majority of California. This little hub of culture is located equidistant between Seattle and Los Angeles, making it a fantastic area if you are not a fan of big city living.

There are many different types of economic development available, and in fact, Redding boasts many different successful businesses and their endeavors. Take the company U-haul for example. In 2016, Redding was named one of the top cities for growth for U-haul, and with a 54% increase in the amount of U-Hauls entering the city, it is no secret this has been deemed a great success. Not only does this prove to be a positive outlook for U-Haul, it also gauges how successful the cities are for attracting and maintaining residents.

Thinking of establishing a business in Redding? Our professionals are able to help you develop an economic development strategy that will help you gain success like U-Haul’s in Shasta county. We are able to differentiate your business from others and decide what route is the best to take for your specific goals. This is important considering there are over 28 million small businesses across the nation, with over 22 million being owner-operated with no additional payroll or employees.

Have any additional questions about moving to this great area of California? Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about all the economic endeavors and poise you for success!

February 2017