The annual Spring Job Fair, put on by the Smart Business Resource Center, is rapidly approaching. It will be held at the Win River Casino Event Center on Thursday, April 6th, and will last from 9 AM to 1 PM.

About 70 employers will be there, many more than in years past, and so this event will be a great opportunity for job seekers 18 and older to find full-time, part-time, and seasonal work.

The Smart Center only puts on two job fairs every year – in the spring, and in the fall. The first event helps businesses find work for the summer, whereas the fall job fair helps fill seasonal jobs for the holidays.

The Smart Center’s goal for both events is to help grow the economy of Shasta County and help transform lives, especially for young people who are unemployed.

The Employers

These 70 employers represent almost every industry found in Redding that offers entry-level work. These include:

Education: Including Shasta College, the Shasta Builder’s Exchange, and the shasta county office of education.
County: Shasta County itself will be hiring for a number of different types of positions, mainly involving administrative work.
Sales: A number of companies in Shasta County will be hiring for entry level sales work.
Health Care: As one of Shasta County’s largest industries, there will be quite a few health care employers at this job fair, including Shasta Regional Medical Center.
Seasonal Jobs: Like every spring, many organizations that work out on the lakes will be hiring workers for the summer at this job fair.
Retail: There’s a lot of retail and service work available in Redding. Many of these organizations, such as Joann’s Fabric and Target, will be hiring.
The job seekers
In previous years, there have been between 200 and 1000 job seekers at this event, but this year it is expected there will be even more as this Job Fair will be held in a larger venue than usual.

Shasta County’s unemployment rate currently stands at 7.5% – lower than in previous years but higher than in the rest of California. This area has never fully recovered from the Great Recession.

Furthermore, Shasta County’s Labor Force Participation Rate (the number of people who can work who are working) is at only 51.6%. This is much lower than in the rest of the state.

Given that, events like these are a great opportunity for workers to connect with employees and fill some of the positions that are currently up for grabs. We hope that everyone currently looking for work in the area will consider this Job Fair as a resource.

The Smart Business Resource Center advises that employees come dressed professionally (wearing formal attire, hair combed, clean shaven, and so forth) and to bring plenty of copies of their resume.

March 2017