This is the 4th blog post summarizing the Shasta EDC’s ongoing “Made in Shasta County” series. You will be able to read about 24 companies via links below.

Jared Hamilton Consulting focuses on mechatronics R&D which is opening up doors globally. One such product is the electronic leak detector important to landfills.

RADD (Redding Area Designers and Developers) was launched to be a central resource for finding technology talent needed by those in and out of the industry in Shasta County.

Build It Redding empowers children to master technology, nurture creativity and live a limitless future by teaching them code.

Code It Redding is providing an avenue for adults in Shasta County to learn the marketable language of code opening doors to new job opportunities.

Prather Ranch Beef produces top end beef from a closed herd for consumption as well as for pharmaceutical / bio-medical devices.

FileLife is a technology startup making important and necessary strides in the world of online security.

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December 2013