Kick Start Program

You can gain access to free co-working space and mentoring in order to make your business grow. Our Kickstart program is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to launch right into their business. The first steps are the hardest ones to take, so let us make this easy for you.


  • Special Program to Kick Start Micro-Enterprises
  • Businesses: 1 to 5 Employees (including yourself)
  • Low to Moderate Owner Incomes Eligible
  • View the PDF Here


If you’re a Micro-enterprise of 1 -5 people, with owner’s earnings of less than $62,200 annually, you
may be eligible for the “KickStart Program.” Subsidized (free) co-working space, conference areas, and free mentoring, all focused on helping you grow! Engage in a community of entrepreneurs and
early life companies, or other micro-enterprises who want to move beyond their current size to a more
scalable organization. Get to know other entrepreneurs and potential clients, by joining an exciting and
vibrant community of Shasta County entrepreneurs at the Shasta Venture Hub.
Come into the SVH or call us to see if you are eligible!


  • Free co-working space at the Shasta Venture Hub. 7 x 14-hour credential access.
  • Access to Office equipment (printers, scanners, office supplies) complimentary
  • Free Access wireless Internet
  • Free Conference Room available for use
  • 7 x 14-hour access to all common areas
  • Mail/package acceptance
  • Access to coffee/kitchen
  • Access to business & startup community events
  • Opportunity to Present at a Pitch Breakfast
  • Ability to Request Elephant Eater’s Lunch where smart people help you solve problems
  • Conduit to Shasta Angels Investment Group
  • Access to community of startups, with similar business, technical, and marketing opportunities
  • Four (4) hours per month of free mentoring


No Charge for those Accepted into the Program (subject to Available Space)


Guests must be accompanied by a hosting member of the Shasta Venture Hub at all times. The Shasta EDC carries Liability and Business Personal Property Insurance for all Shasta EDC owned property, but it is recommended that users maintain insurance on their own property.

Are you ready to join the most exciting business community in Shasta County? Become a member of the Shasta Venture Hub today.

Shasta EDC does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment.

Please e-mail for more information.