A Home for Local Startups

Designated as a California iHub, Shasta is developing new medical inventions, drone technology, software applications and consumer products. All connected to global markets, capital and ‘smart’ resources. We are a home for Shasta County startups!

In 10 years, we are projecting to have 27 startups created in Shasta, 1000 tech jobs with annual income of over 55 million dollars created, an annual output of 149 million to the Shasta economy.

Shasta County Startups


Created by the Shasta EDC, the Shasta Venture Hub is the regional center for startup and entrepreneurial development. Its purpose is to accelerate the startup growth cycle and provide a connection point for all available resources including:

  • University Research
  • Product Development
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Angel Investment
  • Mentoring
  • Business Planning
  • Incubator and Co-Working Space
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Startups in Shasta County