Jake: All right. Hey guys, my name is Jake. I’m here with Todd Jones with the Shasta EDC, and today Todd’s going to tell us a little bit about some of the availabilities to rent office space at the Shasta Venture Hub.

Todd: Yeah, so as you can see behind us, is the new Shasta Venture Hub, the new Shasta EDC offices. We moved from Caterpillar at the end of this summer, and we’re now here at 777 Auditorium Drive, and although we don’t offer dedicated office space anymore, we do have co-working space available. We can have upwards of 20 to 30 co-workers at this new location, not all at the same time, but co-working offers a lot of flexibility for people who might otherwise work from a coffee shop, or from home, they could have a dedicated office space here at the EDC for 100 bucks a month. It gets you access seven days a week, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and we have a conference room that you can reserve for dedicated meetings. It’s still a great option for people that don’t want to work from home, they don’t want to always rely on finding a seat at a coffee shop. It’s a lot more reliable, and it’s a great location.

Jake: Cool.

Todd: Commuter downtown ready.

Jake: So you mentioned the conference room, what are some of the other perks you get with a co-working space?

Todd: Yes, with co-working membership, you also get access to be able to use our copiers, scanner, printer. We have free internet, coffee, refrigerator, meeting space, and you can use it as a physical mailing address if you want someone that can accept and receive packages or mail for you, or you can use it for a physical mailing address if you’re one of our co-workers.

Jake: Okay. And if someone is interested in renting from you guys, where do they need to go to find out more information? Who do they need to contact?

Todd: So if you go to shastaventurehub.com, you can find out more information there about our membership, about what the rates are, what you get with that package or you can go to Shasta EDC, or just come down and see us between nine and five at 777 Auditorium Drive.

Jake: Okay. Awesome. And did you also want to talk about the Kickstart Program?

Todd: Yeah.

Jake: What that is, and how people can get involved with that?

Todd: Yeah, so for income-eligible people, you can actually get a free membership if you meet certain guidelines and qualifications. You can get a free membership if you’re a new business in Shasta County, and you want to get going, you can get a membership to Venture Hub for free.

Jake: Nice.

Todd: Yeah, so there’s an application for that. There are some criteria that you have to meet, it’s basically income eligibility requirements. If you are underneath those thresholds for median income, you can get your membership here for free.

Jake: Awesome.

Todd: Yeah.

Jake: Awesome. Good deal.

Todd: Yeah, so I also want to tell you a little bit about Pitch Breakfast, which is something we’ve been doing for about five years now, and it’s actually spurred some great businesses that have started. Limelight Health, which is now a nearly $100 million company based in Redding, San Francisco, they came through Pitch Breakfast and then went onto to pitch for the Angels to receive their first investment, and now they’re raising even more money.

Jake: That’s awesome.

Todd: So it’s a great experience. It’s a place for people to practice their pitch, whether if they’re looking to find investment, or if they just want to practice their pitch to get feedback from people for business, maybe they don’t need to raise any money, but they’ve never actually pitched their idea before. We always tell people if you are not embarrassed by your first product, you pitched too late. So you need to pitch early, and fail fast, or get feedback from people in a trusted community where they can share ideas with you, ask you questions that maybe you’ve never thought of before.

We had a pitch a few months ago, where somebody actually pitched their idea after 12 years of working on it. They never shared it with anyone because they were kind of protective of their idea, but someone asked a very simple question, which the person had never thought of before, and he could’ve saved 12 years, so we always encourage people to try it, don’t be embarrassed, come out and try it. You get 10 minutes to pitch, followed by 10 minutes for questions and answers. We usually have about 30 to 40 community members there.

This month, it was on December 13th at Simpson University, and then just stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter. You can email me at todd@shastaedc.org to be added to that list. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out where that’s going to be each month, again it’s the second Thursday of every month from the 7.15 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. so it’s a really tight window so people can get on with their days after Pitch Breakfast is over, and we hear two pre-selected pitches each month.

Jake: Nice.

Todd: Yeah.

Jake: And there’s free breakfast.

Todd: Free breakfast.

Jake: So even if you’re not going to pitch, you can show up to the first one, see how it all works-

Todd: Yeah.

Jake: And then pitch on the next.

Todd: Come check it out. See what it’s all about. Ask your questions, get some coffee and breakfast, and get to know some of the local fellow entrepreneurs in Shasta County.

Jake: Nice. All right. Awesome. Did we miss anything, Todd?

Todd: I think that’s it. So this will be our last Pitch Breakfast of the month, and we’re really excited for a very productive and growing 2019.

Todd: Awesome. Well, thanks, Todd. You guys know to get a hold of Todd at shastaedc.org, if you want any more information. Thanks