When companies need to position themselves in a central location in the Northwest, Redding has often been at the top of the list. That’s the way it was for Greg Hartley, founder of Global-Flex Mfg, a business specializing in metal hose assemblies and expansion joints that was formed in 2001. This past spring, Global-Flex was named the Small Business of the Year for the Sacramento District by the Small Business Administration. Hartley says that Global-Flex’s location has a lot to do with its success.

As Hartley told Redding.com: “If you put a compass and pointed it on Redding, it covered basically for freight purposes between Los Angeles and Seattle. So it was centrally located on the I-5 corridor.”

The sheer accessibility and proximity of this location may be enough for you to move your business to Redding. But Hartley notes that there are numerous other benefits, including the affordable cost of living, the availability of financial resources, and its growing labor pool.

“It’s been a great place for us to thrive in as our business grows here because we don’t depend on the economy of Redding to make our business grow,” Hartley noted. “But hopefully we’re helping the economy grow in Redding and helping the city out.”

Although Hartley previously worked for a business in Portland, Oregon for 25 years, he decided to start his own business at the suggestion of a Bay Area distributor. A non-competitive agreement with his former employer forced him to move out of Oregon — but that was all for the best, in the end. The Economic Development Corporation of Shasta County convinced him that Redding would be ideal for this new chapter.

“When I moved back here, I realized how much I missed it,” Hartley said, adding: “And there are good people here and we gotta support California.”

Of course, Global-Flex is far from the only company thriving in the Shasta Region. Given that the cost of living is 60% lower than in San Francisco and that resources here are plentiful, it’s no wonder that countless business owners decide to come here. This area has the most affordable electricity in the entire state, affordable and plentiful land ownership opportunities, an ample water supply, and a significant skilled labor force. You may especially want to move your business to Redding if you specialize in manufacturing, machining, fabrication, distribution food processing, or medical device and tech development.

The community here is one that’s welcoming to a wide variety of businesses and industries. Learn more about our appeal and why you should move your business to Redding by contacting us today.