Need more incentive to relocate your business to Redding? Three companies are making a difference to become more eco-friendly.

Maas Energy Works, Electric Innovations, and Wes-Tec Industries have joined forces to turn methane gas produced by cow waste into electricity.

The companies recently unveiled their first three generators in Redding, CA. The generators are able to produce one megawatt of electricity from the methane gas at Redding’s dairy farms alone.

What’s more, the generators are able to run continuously.

How Do The Generators Work?
The generators work by covering a vessel with a large tarp. The tarp is capable of holding millions of gallons of wastewater. From there, the tarp collects the methane gas from the wastewater and funnels it into the generator.

The generator is then able to transform the methane into usable electricity, giving Redding farmers a renewable energy source for their dairy farms.

“They’re using the fuel that’s on the dairy farm from the stored manure, and the dairy farmer can use the electricity that these engines will make to power [their farm] or sell it back to the utility company,” said Maas Energy Works CEO Daryl Maas.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases And Rocking Sustainability
Giving another reason to relocate your business to Redding, Maas says the generators will help farmers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. They’ll also help farmers meet state requirements for these emissions.

California is the number one state for dairy production in the United States, according to a study by Cornell University. So not only are dairy farms in California an essential part of the country’s dairy industry, but they’re also an important revenue source for the state.

These new generators will increase dairy farms’ sustainability and efficiency. They’ll also give dairy farms the leg up they need in being eco-friendly to be on par with the rest of California’s green movements.

These are steps in the right direction for the environment as well as the economic growth in Shasta County. For more information on how your company can relocate to Shasta County contact the Shasta EDC.