If you plan to work, live, or play in Shasta County it’s safe to say that there are good options for you. This is an incredibly vibrant and naturally beautiful area with a lot to offer. In fact, there’s so much more here for an average person than most people know about!  In this article we’re going to run through a list of Shasta County resources that will be invaluable to anyone who works, lives, or plays in the area.

Shasta County Resources


You can’t really live or play in Shasta County without a  job. That much is clear. Fortunately, there are many resources available for businesses in Shasta County that want to create jobs.

For instance:

Incentives: In addition to State and Federal Incentives, businesses in Shasta County receive various incentives aimed at encouraging job growth. A job credit of $1500-$5000 dollars per employee is available to any company creating 10 or more full-time jobs. There are several other benefits as well, outlined on our incentives page.

Help with federal and state contracting: The Norcal Procurement Technical Assistance Center will help businesses in the area that want to contract with the federal government or with the State of California. What’s more, California and the Federal Government make it reasonably simple to contract with them.

Business Consulting: Two organizations, the Northeastern California Small Business Development Center (NEC SBDC) and Superior California Economic Development (SCED), help business in Shasta County through consulting. The Shasta EDC will also provide helpful advice. If you’re a business that’s just getting started, you don’t need to worry about lack of knowledge in Shasta County.


One of the key reasons people live in Redding is the low cost of living. At a time when affording property in California is more difficult than ever, home prices remain very reasonable in Redding. What’s more, traffic is a virtual non-issue.

According to Zillow, the median home value in Redding is $250,600. The median rent price in Redding is $1,263. At the low end, apartments may go for about $500 a month.

To read more about living in Shasta County, check out our blog on the cost of living.


Every three-day weekend, hordes of visitors from the Sacramento Area and the Bay Area come to Redding to hike, swim, and have fun in the wilderness of Shasta County. We can’t blame them! If you have any inclination at all towards the outdoors, then Redding is a great place to be.

Our lifestyle page has a great deal of information about recreation in Shasta County, but here are some of the most well known ways to pass the time in the second sunniest city in the US.

Shasta Lake/Whiskeytown Lake: For boating, swimming, camping, and hiking nothing beats the lakes, and the areas around the lakes. At Whiskeytown alone, there are almost thirty different trails.

Biking: The river trail at the Sundial Bridge is a popular destination for bikers and walkers in the town. But there are over 225 miles of trail within 15 minutes of Redding, meaning that a resident of Redding could bike for some time before having to do the same ride twice. This is to say nothing of mountain biking opportunities in town.

Skiing/snowboarding: Technically, Mt. Shasta is not actually in Shasta County. It is in nearby Siskiyou county. But with the fifth highest elevation in California, this mountain is a great location for hiking and fun in the snow. Mount Lassen, which is only about an hour out from Redding is a very fun location for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Overall, Shasta County is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It’s a business friendly environment, close to nature, and with cheaply-priced property, what’s not to love?