Immediate Access to the Western U.S. and California’s Vast Marketplace

Shasta County’s strategic location on Interstate 5 provides one day transport to Seattle, WA or Los Angeles, CA. Shasta County is a low-cost alternative for accessing California’s vast marketplace.

Vast Marketplace Map

Shovel-ready Building Sites and a No Hassle 90-day Permit Process

Shasta County has prepared shovel-ready building sites and streamlined the permit process timeline to make your facility operational as soon as possible.

Stillwater Business Park Parcel Sign

Inexpensive Utilities and Plentiful Water Supply

Electricity rates that are 30% - 40% less than investor-owned utility providers in California, plus additional discounts available to qualifying companies.

Large Powerplant in Shasta County

Compelling Business Incentives

Hiring tax credits of more than $37,000 per qualified employee, local job credits, development fee deferrals, electric utility incentive rates and bid preference on state contracts. Your project will receive top priority from our local government and businesses.

Tax Credits and Saving Money

Skilled Labor Force and Extensive, Subsidized Training Programs

Two four year universities and the Economic Workforce Development Center through Shasta College ensure the workforce of Shasta County is well trained, productive and custom tailored for the needs of prospective and current employers.

Inside of a Clean Room

Quality of Life

Two mountains, lakes and rivers, an enormous walking and biking trail system, world renowned entertainment at the Cascade Theater, and some of the best ranked schools in California…Oh yeah, the cost of living here is pretty darn good too.

Cascade Theater in Redding

Business Expansion & Relocation: Shasta County EDC

See why Shasta County is the preferred location for business in the Upstate region of Northern California. WATCH VIDEO

For business relocation, business expansion, and economic development in Northern California, Shasta County is the ideal location. Our strategic location on Interstate 5 provides you with immediate access to the Western United States and California’s vast marketplace, plus the Redding Municipal Airport provides daily direct flights to San Francisco.

With many shovel-ready sites and available buildings, a 90-day no-hassle permit process, compelling tax credits and economic incentives, inexpensive electricity and water, a ready, skilled labor force with subsidized training programs, and a pro-business political climate, Shasta County, California is ready to help your business relocate, expand and succeed.

Shasta County is the place for those seeking an advantageous, strategic business location while improving the quality of life for their families and employees.

If you are considering opening, relocating or expanding your business in the Western United States, consider beautiful Shasta County.

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