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Todd Jones Interview: Shasta EDC News September 2018

Jake: So we’re going to start doing this once a week and adding it to the Website news center and starting out this week we’re going to be talking about The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) also known as the Kickstart program. So Todd why don’t you tell us all about.

Todd: Yes so we have the Kickstart program here at the Shasta EDC and that it is funded by the city of Redding through the Community Development Block Grant CDBG. The funds come directly from the federal government through this program which helps with housing, small businesses, and a variety of things and we are fortunate enough to receive this grant to help micro-enterprises here in Shasta County.

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Project Hometown Debuts in Shasta County

Today, the Shasta EDC announced along with other founding members, Cloud Wise Academy and Pacific Sky, the launching of Project Hometown. There is a long list of supporters for this program which include economic development organizations, educational institutions, community support partners, and the technical community.

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